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AA Branded Magnetic Learner Plates 2 pack


Learner plates are for anyone who is learning to drive & are yet to pass their test. As a legal requirement, all learner drivers must display L plates both on the front and rear of the vehicle. These plates indicate to other road users that the driver is inexperienced and still learning. Learner drivers are required to display L-plates until they pass their driving test and obtain a full driving license.




  • Magnetic fixing
  • Water resistant
  • Contains 2X Learner plates



AA Branded Magnetic Learner Plates 2 pack


    • Ensure the area is dry and free from dust & dirt
    • Apply to steel panels
    • Learner plates must be visible to other drivers
    • Do not fix to resprayed paintwork


    Note: It is illegal for a qualified driver, to drive, with L plates displayed; L plates must be removed when the learner driver is no longer driving.

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