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'2nd gear' Learner Driver & Theory Preparation Pack

Including The Official Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs book & 2 pack magnetic Learner plates


The Official Highway Code Book - updated edition


Introducing the latest edition of The Official Highway Code, an indispensable guide for road users across England, Scotland, and Wales. This comprehensive resource presents the most up-to-date rules of the road and essential information on traffic signs, ensuring all motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians stay informed and safe.

In this new edition, you'll find crucial updates including:


a) Hierarchy of Road Users: Embracing the 'H' rules, this edition introduces a clearer understanding of the responsibilities towards more vulnerable road users. By prioritizing their safety, we enhance the overall road experience for everyone.

b) Mobile Phones: With tighter restrictions, we address the dangers of distracted driving by implementing stricter guidelines on mobile phone usage behind the wheel. Your focus belongs on the road ahead.

c) Junctions: Highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety, we emphasize the need to yield to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross at junctions. Every road user deserves respect and consideration.

d) Parking Laws: Navigate the new regulations surrounding parking on pavements with confidence. Understanding these updated rules ensures responsible parking practices for all.


  • Keep safe, make sure you're up to date with the latest rules of the road. Avoid penalties and fines by getting the latest copy of The Official Highway Code.
  • The very latest rules of the road, including to the laws you should keep to in order to avoid fines, penalty points, disqualification and even prison
  • References to legislation that offences are based on
  • Advice on road safety and best practice
  • Source material for many theory test questions an essential resource for test preparation
  • Advice to help newly qualified drivers through the first twelve months after passing their test the period when they are most vulnerable
  • Emphasis on courtesy, attitude and awareness.


Whether you're preparing for your theory test or simply aiming to enhance your road knowledge, The Official Highway Code remains an invaluable resource. Stay informed, stay safe, and contribute to a smoother, more harmonious road environment with this essential guide.


Know Your Traffic Signs Book - 2023 update


This handy book illustrates and explains the majority of traffic signs that a road user is likely to encounter. A thorough knowledge of all traffic signs is essential for all road users, not just new drivers or riders, making this the ideal companion to ensure your knowledge is up to date. Providing a comprehensive explanation of the road-signing system. 



  • Handy reference guide
  • Illustrates and explains the vast majority of traffic signs
  • The perfect companion to The Official Highway Code
  • Suitable for all road users, not just learner drivers and riders


Although The Official Highway Code contains most of the commonly used road signs which are prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations, it does not give a comprehensive explanation of our signing system. This is therefore a perfect complementary title to The Official Highway Code.


AA Branded Magnetic Learner Plates 2 pack


Fitting Instructions:


  • Ensure the area is dry and free from dust & dirt
  • Apply to steel panels
  • Learner plates must be visible to other drivers
  • Do not fix to resprayed paintwork


Note: It is illegal for a qualified driver, to drive, with L plates displayed; L plates must be removed when the learner driver is no longer driving.

'2nd gear' Learner Driver & Theory Preparation Pack

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