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WS Driving School is moving to Ely

View of river at Ely

So after a successful couple of years operating from Buntingford I have decided to move North; not too far North but to Ely in Cambridgeshire. My partner lives just outside Ely and the more I have spent time in The Fens the more I have been drawn to it. It’s a beautiful City and I absolutely love the nature that surrounds it. Cambridge is just down the road also which is another bonus.

I have found the perfect house for me in a place called Littleport which is about 10 minutes drive from Ely.

I still have some important customers in Buntingford and Royston and I will continue to work with them up to their Driving Test. I will start providing lessons in the Ely area from week commencing the 17th April. People have already started to book lessons in via the BSM website. Simply enter your postcode and if I cover your area my name will magically appear. From there you can book directly into my diary. I will eventually be using the diary on my website however whilst I still have customers in Hertfordshire I will keep the two diaries separate.

It won’t be long before my Cambridgeshire pupils will be able to use my theory test suite, progress tracker and reflective logs. The main geographical areas I will be covering will be the Ely postcodes of CB6 and CB7 which also includes; Witchford, Little Downham and Littleport.

I will be utilising the Test Centres in Cambridge, King Lynn and Bury St Edmunds.

As well as offering Learner Lessons to new drivers I will also be offering Pass Plus, Refresher and Eco Driving lessons. For more information on these lessons please check my website at

I am really happy to update you that as a Certified Carbon Neutral Driving School we have planted in excess of 330 trees in various projects around the World.

Many thanks for reading and like me I am sure you are looking forward to Spring; longer warmer days are just around the corner.

Stay safe on those roads.


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