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The Sixth Sense Gauge

I have been using the Sixth Sense Gauge in my car for a few weeks now and found it to be very valuable in educating both myself and pupils develop a 'smoothness and balance' in their driving.

'Sixth Sense Gauge an adjustable motion sensor that measures the changing weight transference of a vehicle as it brakes, corners and accelerates, communicating the different effects to the driver through the use of lights and sound. The instructor can then advise on how to achieve the optimum reading for greater safety'.

Sixth Sense Gauge has different levels of sensitivity that can be decreased as the driver's understanding of the relationship between braking (pitch) and turning (lean) grows.

For four decades Mike and Richard Knight, together with Simon de Lautour and Pierre Francois Rousselot ran their internationally recognised Renault Elf Winfield race driver training schools which rapidly became the start point for most of France's top drivers - and a few Brits (!) - from the 60's to the present day.

Many hundreds of school participants, from whom would emerge two world champions from thirty who made it into Formula 1, together with many others who had successful careers in the sport were statistics Mike believed showed we had some insights we should try to share more widely.

"With that in mind, following the sale of the schools in 1998 I decided to make an instrument which would communicate the school's core message. To be safe in any vehicle - any vehicle - anywhere - requires the driver to develop a deep awareness that its stability at all times is key. The aid I eventually developed we call Sixth Sense Gauge".

- Mike Knight




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