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Shifting Gears for a Greener Future: The Impact of Your Driving Lessons

WS Driving School would like to take a moment to celebrate a milestone....

Carbon Neutral Britain Certification

Since April 2022, we've been working together to not only help you become confident drivers, but also eco-conscious ones.

Here's the exciting part: since starting, we've been able to offset a whopping 120 tonnes of carbon!

Now, that number might seem big, so let's break it down and see what kind of impact we're making together.

Planting a Forest, Saving Sea Ice, and Cleaner Miles

According to the Carbon Neutral Britain organisation, our efforts are the equivalent of:

  • Planting 720 trees! The equivalent of creating 3 whole acres of new Amazon rainforest.

  • Saving around 600 square meters of sea ice.

  • Offsetting the emissions of driving my Ford Focus 1.0 litre Ecoboost for an incredible 750,000 miles!  (based on a 99g/km emissions figure) That's a lot of road trips with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Small Steps, Big Impact

These are some pretty amazing achievements, and it all comes down to a collective effort. By choosing a driving instructor who prioritises sustainability, you're contributing to a healthier planet, one lesson at a time.

So, next time you're behind the wheel (after you've passed your test, of course!), remember that you're not just learning to drive, you're learning to be an eco-driver.

Want to learn more about how you can reduce your carbon footprint on the road?

Read more in my blog post here.

Thanks again for being a part of this journey with me!


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