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WS Driving School supports RoadPeace charity

As a driving instructor my work is not purely to prepare a pupil for a test pass but to work with them to help them become a 'Safe Driver for Life'. You will see this aim prioritised on my website homepage.

I was recently introduced to a fantastic and worthy charity RoadPeace.

RoadPeace Charity Photo Banner

The RoadPeace vision is for a world where road danger is not tolerated and where road crash victims receive justice and compassion.

RoadPeach Charity Logo

RoadPeace exist to support and empower those bereaved and injured by road crashes and their families; to improve the justice system’s post-crash response and to spare future generations from preventable death and injury.

As a membership charity, they put victims at the heart of their work, equipping them to support other victims, campaign for change and shape RoadPeace’s work.

Their work for and with victims centres around:

  • Supporting victims to cope with their trauma, through emotional and peer support

  • Remembering those who have been killed or seriously injured in road crashes by organising acts of remembrance; offering support and solidarity to the bereaved and highlighting the devastating toll of road death

  • Empowering victims with information and helping them to achieve justice

  • Campaigning for reform of the justice system, so that it is fairer for victims and reduces road danger

  • Challenging society’s complacency towards risk on our roads

You can learn more about the work of RoadPeace here:

You can join and help RoadPeace by following this link:

As well as now being a member of RoadPeace I will also be helping promote the work of the charity through Social Media so watch out for my posts on Facebook and Instagram


Unfortunately accidents on the roads are rarely accidents but crashes brought about by driver actions. The DVSA now encourage pupils to consider Mindfulness as a way of reducing driving anxiety which can lead to potential incidents.

Car driver wearing sunglasses

Mindfulness’ is a state of active and open attention to the present moment, without judgement or distraction. When it comes to driving, practising mindfulness can help you stay focused, calm, and alert on the road, which can make you a safer and more responsible driver.

Here are some tips for driving with mindfulness.

  1. Start by setting an intention to be present and attentive while driving. Take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on the road ahead.

  2. Avoid distractions while driving. This means putting away your phone, turning off the radio or music player, and minimising any other distractions that could take your attention away from the road.

  3. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and be aware of your surroundings (minimum 2 seconds in normal road and weather conditions). This also means scanning the road ahead and checking your mirrors and blindspots regularly.

  4. Practise patience and kindness while driving. Avoid aggressive driving behaviours like honking, being too close to the vehicle ahead, or cutting off other drivers. Instead, give other drivers the benefit of the doubt and assume positive intent.

  5. Stay focused on the present moment and avoid getting lost in your thoughts or worries. This means maintaining a clear and alert state of mind while driving, and avoiding distractions like daydreaming or worrying about things that are not related to driving.

  6. Overall, driving with mindfulness means being fully present and aware of your surrounding, and approaching driving as a responsible and attentive task. By practising mindfulness while driving, you can reduce the risk of accidents, stay calm and focused on the road, and make driving a more positive and enjoyable experience.

As I say to all of my pupils when they come to the end of their time in the car with me 'Stay Safe on Those Roads'



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